Happy Birthday Cake Images and Designs

Simple but Beautiful Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Cake Ideas

Minnie Mouse happy birthday cake ideas must be the information needed when you are going to make a birthday cake in this theme. However, making such birthday cake may be more challenging for the beginners. But you shouldn’t worry about it because there are numbers of simple but beautiful happy birthday cakes in Minnie Mouse theme. They are easy to learn and you can make the same cake too. Find the ideas below that will be easy but beautiful enough to make.

happy birthday cake

Pink Polka Dots Minnie Mouse Cake

It can be the easiest birthday cake to make in Minnie Mouse theme. All you need is preparing two round base cakes in different diameters. Cover the cakes with thin layer of buttercreams; you shouldn’t smoothen the surface perfectly because you will cover it with fondant. Flatten fondants in pink and white colors and then place fondant over each cake. Put the smaller cake above and then you can start making the decoration.

For the simple decorations, simply make small circles from white and pink fondants. Then stick the white circles on the sides of pink cake and the pink circles for the white cake. For the top of the cake, make a pink or red bowtie from fondant. It is simple to make the bowtie; flatten some fondant and make it in a long rectangle shape. Take every edge of the fondant and then put them in the middle. Add a small rectangle and then put it in the middle of bowtie so that you get a shape that looks like a real bowtie.

Minnie Mouse Cake with Simple Details

The next Minnie Mouse happy birthday cake ideas that can be learned easily is making the birthday cake in simple details. With the same base cake with the Polka Dots cake above, you can replace the Polka dots with other simple details for the cake decorations. The simple details can be like the heads of the Minnie Mouse. Simply use a Mickey/ Minnie cookie shaper to shape black fondants. Then put the small Minnie House onto the sides of the cakes. To make it looks like Minnie, add tiny red or pink bowtie on the head of the small Minnie.

Another simple Minnie Mouse cake can also be made by using base cake that is shaped into a head of Minnie. Then cover the cake with fondant or melted chocolate. Then decorate the cake surface with simple details. For example, put different color like red or pink on the lower part of the face and then put small dots or hearts on it. Don’t forget to put the bow tie too.

You can find many more ideas of cake decorations from kinds of tutorial videos on the internet. The simple tutorials are clear and easy to follow so you can start your own cake creation easily too. Choose the simply decorated Mini Mouse cakes so you can learn more easily. Purchase the chiffon base cakes and then simply decorate them by practicing the tutorials of Minnie Mouse birthday cake ideas you learn.


Minnie mouse Happy birthday cake toppers

Nice Ideas of Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Cake Toppers

From many ideas for cakes, Minnie Mouse happy birthday cake toppers are those you can choose. Indeed, birthday is a very beautiful moment that should be celebrated. Well, for adults, it is probably not a big deal anymore. However, for kids it can be an event that can make them feel much happier. Birthday cake is one item which is quite important. Yes, it is basically the icon of the birthday itself. Then Minnie Mouse is a really good idea particularly if it is to celebrate the birthday of a girl. Minnie Mouse which is girly with her pink dress and bow can just make the atmosphere nicer and more cheerful. There are some ideas regarding the Minnie Mouse toppers that you can use. What are they?

Edible Topper

Yes, we probably cannot eat the Minnie Mouse since it is really cute. However, it is not bad if we make a kind of edible Minnie Mouse toppers. It can be made simply from the dough of cake or other food ingredients like chocolate or butter cream. If you want to make it from the cake dough, make sure you have the mold which shapes the dough into Minnie Mouse. It is not a big problem actually since many stores already provide it. The same way is when you want to make the Minnie Mouse topper from chocolate. This idea is much easier. You can use a bar of chocolate and then melt it. After being melted, you can put it on the mold of Minnie Mouse. To make it look more beautiful, you can use colored white chocolate to paint the dress, face, bow, and eyes. Of course, you should be more careful for that. If you are not experienced enough and you don’t want to mess it, you can ask for help from the more professional ones.

Plastic Topper

It is probably one of easiest thing to do. Sure, you only have to hunt the Minnie Mouse topper which you think it is suitable for the cake in general. Then, just put it on the top. Unfortunately, more than that, you should be really careful. In fact, there are now many toppers from plastic which are not safe to be placed on any dishes including the cakes. Plastic is made from chemical substances and it is still added by the painting outside. Can you imagine if the paint is peeled off and then remained on the cake? It can be really terrible. Moreover, it is if the kids who eat it. As you know, kids’ body tends to be weaker than adult. So, it is better to be more careful while buying it. Make sure that the paint of topper cannot be easily peeled off. It is even no matter if you may need to pay more just to find out the best one. In other words, the design is not the only thing to be thought when buying a cake topper.

Minnie mouse 1st Happy birthday cake topper

Cute Minnie Mouse 1sth Happy Birthday Cake Topper Ideas

Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake topper is a good choice to beautify the birthday cake of your daughter. Yes, Minnie Mouse is a really cute and sweet cartoon character. Particularly, it is when we remember how beautiful she is with her polka dot dress and bow. Anyway, using Minnie Mouse as the main topper it means you have to apply the same idea for the cake in general. When the topper is Minnie Mouse with pink dress as an example, it seems better if the cake is also layered by pink butter cream or fondant as well. If you are interested in using Minnie Mouse as the topper, there are some ideas you can apply. Here they are for you.

Artificial Minnie Mouse Topper

Artificial here means that it is not edible at all. So, just watch your kid so that he or she is not trying to eat it. If you are creative and experienced enough, you can make it yourself then. However, the simplest idea is actually looking for it to the bakery and food ingredient stores and then finds one. Make sure that the design and size of the topper is suitable for the birthday cake. Therefore, it can be better-looking. Unfortunately, there are now many stores offer toppers which are not safe enough. Yes, plastic is basically containing chemical substances. It is also often layered by painting which can be easily peeled off. Sure, this is a thing that you should avoid. Make sure that the plastic and other artificial toppers you choose are safe.

Minnie Mouse Toppers from Dough

Particularly if you want to make the birthday cake yourself, there is commonly dough remained. Of course, you can take some benefits of it, including make a topper from the dough itself. The way to make it is quite easy. Just put the dough on the mold with Minnie Mouse shape. Or, you can make a large square at first, bake it, and then cut it off in line with Minnie Mouse shape. Well, the second way seems to be more difficult indeed. After that,make sure you paint the Minnie Mouse cake with edible dye or butter cream. Indeed, to make it really beautiful and neat, you should be experienced enough.

Minnie Mouse Toppers from Chocolate

Making edible topper from chocolate is considered being easier than from the dough. Yes, by using dough you have to make sure that it has appropriate composition between the water and flour. So, it can be tough enough. However, when you use chocolate, you will not need to think about the composition or whatever. You only need to prepare a bar of chocolate and then melt it. After it is malted, just pour it on the Minnie Mouse mold and wait it until frozen. For the better result, you should also prepare white chocolate which is already dyed as Minnie Mouse characteristics. They can be pink, white, and others for the face, dress, and face. After that, your chocolate Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake is ready.

Homemade minnie mouse Happy birthday cake

Adorable Homemade Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Cake

Are you interested to make a homemade Minnie Mouse birthday cake? Yes, particularly if it is the birthday of your daughter, Minnie Mouse cake will be really suitable. Just imagine the character of Minnie Mouse itself. She is really cute and girly with her polka dot dress and bow. Sure, for the simpler way, you can just order the cake to a bakery near you. The result is probably better as a good bakery must already hire a professional baker and others. However, it is not a big deal if you want to make yourself. If you want it to be faster, just buy the plain sponge cake as the basic. Then, you can try to garnish it yourself. For the video, you can check this out.

Minnie Mouse Cake with Butter cream

It is often said that using butter cream is the “traditional” method for garnishing the cake. However, it is still used nowadays since sugar and butter cream are indeed so sweet and yummy. Well, kids will really love them so much. Basically, butter cream is only made from sugar, butter, and some eggs. Then, after all the ingredients are poured into a jar, you can start to mix it until being creamy. It is better if you layer the thin butter cream firstly with spatula until all parts of cake are already covered. Then, to make it look more beautiful and creamy, you can use the butter cream shaper to make another layer. The Minnie Mouse itself can also be made from butter cream. However, it tends to be more difficult and you need to be very careful while doing it.

Minnie Mouse Cake with Fondant

Fondant becomes more popular nowadays than butter cream. Although it is not creamy and even quite gummy, it tends to cover the cake better and neater. More than that, you can also shape or mold it much easier to make a certain character including Minnie Mouse. The way to garnish such wedding cakes is also quite simple. After your fondant is ready, you may stick it all over the cake. The shaped fondant can also be attached later after that to make the cake in general look more beautiful. as this is for kid’s birthday, you should make a cake with cheerful colors like red, pink, blue, green and others. Even, it is a really good idea to use more than just one color as the main theme.


Sure, a cake seems not complete without any topper. Topper is basically the attention stealer. Even if your cake is already garnished very beautifully, without any topper it will not be really noticeable. There are many ways to make a good topper. There are some toppers which are edible but also some others which are not. For the safety reason, sure, edible toppers are more recommended. More than that, it is quite easy to be made like from the dough of cake or chocolate. Meanwhile, if you want to be more practical, buying artificial topper is also not bad. Interestingly, many toppers with cartoon characters are available outside. That will make your homemade Minnie Mouse birthday cake look nicer.